April 8, 2024
Continulink POC

Continulink POC offers EMR solutions for both hospitals and home care agencies. The company has an EMR app available for both Android and Apple mobile devices, as well as a web portal for patients to log in. Continulink is also a member of the Gracelight Home Health family of software. Continulink’s products are designed to simplify workflow, manage patient records, and improve clinical quality.

Long Standing Reputation

Continulink POC has a long standing reputation in the home care industry as one of the most trusted names in home care. They continue to improve the product suite while retaining the quality of care to boot. The Continulink name has been in the home care business since 1993, and they are still at it in the new millennia. Continulink has the newest product suite in the industry, and they have an open line of communication with their partners and vendors. The newest member in the Continulink family is Continulink Health Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of the largest home care company in the country. The Continulink name is synonymous with quality of care, customer service, and operational efficiencies for its member agencies. The Continulink name has been used by more than 500 home care agencies, including those of the largest home care companies in the country. ContinuLink has the largest home care database in the industry, and ContinuLink carries the largest home care credential in the industry.

Continulink’s EMR Solutions

Continulink POC EMR solution is a cloud-based software package that streamlines the administration of a home health agency. The system has a number of benefits, including a central repository for scheduling, billing, and patient records. It also offers features such as care planning, task lists, and medication lists. It’s also one of the first full-fledged personal care EHR solution providers to receive certification under the 21st Century CURES Act, a federal mandate that requires health care providers to comply with certain federal standards.

ContinuLink has other solutions, too, including a mobile application for caregivers. The app has a number of features, including a task list and time-in/time-out tracking capabilities. ContinuLink’s mobile solution is also fully compliant with the 21st Century CURES Act.

ContinuLink is one of the first full-fledged POC EMR solutions to receive certification under the 21st Century Cures Act, a federal mandate that requires health providers to comply with certain federal standards.

Continulink’s Mobile App

ContinuLink’s mobile app helps caregivers manage patients’ clinical processes on the go. The application is designed to integrate with the company’s cloud-based EMR. It features secure logins and allows patients to view their medical records. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Users can schedule appointments, complete clinical forms, and view images and videos. ContinuLink also sends reminders and no-show alerts. It is also HIPAA compliant.

Apple App Store

ContinuLink’s mobile app is compatible with most major computer operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android. It also integrates with other third party applications, such as payroll. ContinuLink’s mobile app is free to download and use. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The application is easy to use. However, the interface can be overwhelming at first. Some users have reported that the app takes a long time to load. Others have reported that the app freezes.

The application is available in multiple languages. It allows caregivers to customize the application for the iOS platform. It also includes a voice-activated digital recorder and other features.

Gracelight Home Health

ContinuLink, a provider of medical services, is currently using its Point of Care (POC) platform at Gracelight Home Health. The POC enables secure patient data access through a browser, and features e-signature capture and data synchronization. As a result, the application can help practices streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Gracelight Home Health provides skilled medical services to elderly and chronically ill patients. The organization is in the process of making a major IT overhaul, which includes a major upgrade of its network, server infrastructure, and client applications. The new software will also include a suite of products, including EMRs and a mobile application for healthcare workers. As a result, the organization will be able to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction, while also increasing productivity.

Final Words:

Gracelight Home Health is also partnered with Complia Health, a provider of hospice and home health technology. Through the ContinuLink platform, the company is able to automate processes at Gracelight Home Health.

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