April 8, 2024
SPC Deweese

Earlier this month, the US Navy announced that Lieutenant Colonel SPC Deweese had died in Iraq. He is an adjunct professor at South Texas College of Law, and served in the military police corps during World War II. His family is devastated.

Lifelong Marine

During the Gulf War, SPC Deweese was honored with several awards for his service. He was the second Marine to be awarded a Medal of Honor for his actions. He also earned a Navy Commendation Medal with a Combat “V” award.

SPC Deweese grew up in Putnam County, West Virginia. He graduated from Poca High School in 1984. He was a lifelong sports fan. His enjoyed fishing, baseball, and yard work. He was a huge fan of the New York Yankees. He was also a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.

High School

After graduating from high school, Spc Deweese enlisted in the Marine Corps. He worked as a Humvee driver and received multiple medals for his services. His had dreams of becoming a sports administrator. He was a proud Marine. He was married with two sons. Sadly, he died in a roadside bomb in Iraq. This was a terrible loss for both the U.S. and the Iraqi people.

Member of Military Police Corps during World War II

During the Second World War, SPC David Deweese was a member of the military police corps. The military police acted as a law enforcement and security force, performing duties like policing, route reconnaissance, and detainment.

They also managed prisoners of war. The military police played a vital role in protecting American soldiers in the battlefield. They were especially prominent during the Second World War. Their services were recognized with awards such as the Meritorious Service Medal with a gold star, the Navy Commendation Medal, the Combat “V” award, and the Legion of Merit.

SPC David Deweese was born in West Virginia. He lived in Sterling, Virginia, and is currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. His is married to Kim, and they have four children. He enjoys fishing, gardening, and watching baseball. He is a fan of the New York Yankees. His wife, Kim, has also served in the military.

David Deweese is a highly decorated veteran. His service includes a Bronze Star for Gallantry in Action and two Silver Stars. His unit was forced to retreat due to overwhelming enemy forces. He also received the Purple Heart.

Adjunct Professor at South Texas College of Law

Located in Houston, Texas, South Texas College of Law is a four-year, private American Bar Association accredited law school that is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. It was founded in 1923 and has a total enrollment of 999. It is a private, independent institute that is committed to student success and academic excellence.

National Average

Compared to the national average, South Texas College uses a higher percentage of adjuncts. As you might expect, these faculty members are not guaranteed continued employment. In fact, they are not required to commit to a long term instructional team.

Although no one has been able to pinpoint exactly when the first South Texas College of Law was established, it is believed to have been in the early 1920s. Today, the institution is a leading public and private institution in the state of Texas. Its campus is located in downtown Houston. It offers a full range of services to students, including a dual credit program that allows high school students to earn both a J.D. and a BA in just three years.

Death in Iraq

Sadly, Spc Deweese dies in Iraq. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, he was killed during a roadside bomb attack while serving in the Middle East as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. His death was devastating for his family, as well as for the people of Iraq. His death has contributed to the growing humanitarian crisis in the region.

During his service, Spc Deweese was awarded multiple medals. He earned the Meritorious Service Medal with a gold star. He also received a Legion of Merit, and a Purple Heart. His career was cut short, however, when he was killed in 2006.

Final Words:

Originally from West Virginia, Spc Deweese joined the Marine Corps at the age of seventeen. He was married with two sons. His was a big fan of the New York Yankees, and he loved to spend time fishing.

He served in the Middle East for nearly three years. His was assigned to a platoon that was training Iraqi police officers. He was a Humvee driver. His unit was part of the 2nd Brigade, which included the 601s Aviation Support Battalion.

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