February 26, 2024

Effective marketing strategies should include at least 80% B2B lead generation. There are many ways to get qualified leads today.

These are just a few suggestions to help you improve your lead acquisition process.

How to optimize your b2b lead generation process

You must remember that lead generation for b2b has a different relevancy than for b2c.

The lead acquisition is the most important aspect of a b2b strategy. It is the foundation upon which your marketing plan should be built.

Qualified leads are essential to provide interesting content that users interact with, with the ultimate goal of turning them into customers. You can hire a Digital Specialist to handle all these marketing tasks efficiently.

These are 8 tips that will make your b2b lead generation more efficient!

Make custom content

Create targeted content to ensure leads are from your target audience. This requires that you consider two key aspects: buyer personas as well as the purpose of the research.

Buyer personas are semi-real representations of potential customers your b2b strategy is trying to reach. These representations are based both on real data and well-founded guesses.

On the other hand, search intent is the reason a potential customer searches on the internet and can be:

  • To search for information
  • To make a purchase
  • To learn more

It is therefore important to conduct accurate keyword analysis paying close attention to not only search volumes but also the keywords.

Searches that are popular in your field might attract more customers from b2c. Keywords with higher value and lower search volumes will attract more potential customers.

Use email marketing

Email marketing in a B2B context is more effective than that in b2c. Data shows that there is a higher click-to-open rate. This means that end users open emails more frequently than businesses.

This channel, when used properly, can be a powerful tool for acquiring new contacts. But how much does promoting a tweet cost?

Here are some ways to optimize it.

Automate email sending with dedicated tools.

To ensure that messages from your company reach the inboxes of your contacts, you need to improve email delivery

Attention to content emails. It must be relevant and not too sales-oriented. The contents should be interesting enough to get the recipient to open the email.

Don’t neglect events

Events have always been a great way to get new leads. These events are being held in a hybrid format, online and in person, due to the current health situation.

It is also important to actively participate in hybrid events to build relationships and make new contacts for your business.

Personalize content to sell

Personalization is crucial in a b2b environment. It means that personal, not just commercial, relationships must be established.

Your potential customers must receive the right content for their sales purposes. This applies to landing pages, social media, and commercial presentations.

Referral marketing is also effective in b2b.

Referral marketing isn’t just for b2c. A recommendation from a friend, acquaintance, or relative, supported by positive reviews, can result in a purchase for a b2b business much quicker than it would in b2c.

There are several ways to encourage referrals:

Rewards: Discounts, free training sessions, invitations for events…

Conduct surveys with a large customer base

Recommendation: Create a case Study

Use your content

It can be very exhausting to create new content for every release. It is therefore essential that you learn how to reuse content by giving your content a new form and a goal.

This is possible by making the content adaptable and scalable to various contexts and channels.

Varietate your communication channels

After the most popular channels have been identified by the target audience, it is crucial to be present on all of them in an appropriate manner to increase b2b lead generation.

It is possible to go from a blog post for your company to a video or social media post, or even to make a podcast.

There are many options, provided they match the desires and needs of your target audience.

Create premium content

There is no better way to make contacts than to ask for personal information in exchange for specific in-depth content. You can use webinars, white papers, e-books, and E-books to generate leads who are interested in your business.

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