April 8, 2024

Brand awareness is critical in enhancing e-commerce business growth. Brand awareness leads to an increase in customer base and ultimately a boost in sales and revenue. One effective method of promoting your business and enhancing sales is using animated videos.

Animation videos attract and sustain the audience’s attention. According to statistics, animated videos get millions of views on social media.

Interestingly, many organizations, including e-commerce platforms, are using these videos to promote their brand and increase sales. So, how do you use animation videos to increase e-commerce sales?

Use the Best Animation Maker: Doratoon 

The first step in using animation videos to increase e-commerce sales is to choose the best animation maker. You need the best tool with advanced features to create attention-grabbing videos.

We recommend Doratoon as the best software to use to make animated video designs. Why choose Doratoon? Doratoon is an impressive software tool that lets you make exceptionally unique videos.

It frees you up to create customized videos on its millions of royalty-free animations, backgrounds, templates, stock footage, and props. It is easy to use and you can create a professional-looking video without prior animation knowledge or experience.

What are the Features of Doratoon?

  • 100M+ royalty-free stock videos and photos
  • 1000+ pre-animated templates covering different industries
  • 10000+ stock props, including pie charts, graphs, and more
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 1000+ animated characters with facial expressions and actions
  • AI Dubbing and AI Drawing
  • Smart subtitling and speech-to-text

How to Use Doratoon

So, how do you use Doratoon to make an animation for free? Here are the simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free Doratoon account with your valid email ID.

Step 2: Choose a preferred template from the library.

Step 3: Customize it with your content using the editing tools.

Step 4: Preview your video and download it.

That is how easy it is to boost your business with Doratoon. It takes four easy steps to create an attention-grabbing animated video with this software tool.

Ways to Use Animation Videos to Increase E-Commerce Sales

So, now that we have looked at the best tool to make animation videos, the next thing is to explore ways to use these videos to increase sales. Let’s check them out.

Use GIFs in Email Marketing

Do you want to get on the good side of your target audience? Bring smiles to their lips when they open your email. One way to do this is to GIFs in your email. It is easier to communicate an idea through funny GIFs than writing commentary.

An individual spends about ten to fifteen minutes reading a letter and discards if it is boring. One way to bring life to your email marketing is to emphasize important points with GIFs.

These elements humanize your business and create a bond with your customers. You can create loads of GIFs with numerous resources on Doratoon.

Use Whiteboard Animations to Simplify Complex Concepts

Are you trying to sell a new but complex idea to your customers about your e-commerce store? Use whiteboard animations. They simplify information for your audience to understand.

Replicating a process of writing on a board digitally helps you communicate complex concepts and promote educational content from your brand. If you have to cover large details within a short time, whiteboard animation will be a great choice for you.

If your platform sells high-tech products, these animation styles would also be great to advertise your products. Doratoon has several pre-made whiteboard animation styles you can explore to make animation videos.

Present Infographics in Simplified Fashion

Providing data to your target audience is a great way to affirm your credibility and reputation in the industry. However, you can overdo it with lots of figures. To simplify things, use animated infographics to make the information more pleasant to your audience.

Infographics come in the form of flowcharts, diagrams, maps, and tables. They turn a seemingly boring data presentation into an engaging story you can narrate illustratively and beautifully.

You can use it to show sales statistics, product paths, or your success story. There is a lot you can do with infographics to boost sales in your e-commerce business.

Share Customers’ Testimonials/Reviews

Nothing delivers brand credibility like word of mouth. What do your customers have to say about your business? Create video testimonials on their reviews and share them with your target audience.

Video testimonials are an effective technique to show the value of your product and e-commerce business. Reach out to some of your happy customers and request they talk about the value your product delivered to them in a video.

You can transform or combine the videos into animation videos and share them on social media and other platforms you choose. Doratoon has all you need to create this type of video.

Show Your Products in Action

You can also create animated demo videos of your products. This can effectively boost your e-commerce sales because your audience can see how your product is used and its effectiveness. A product demo is a great way to present the benefits, features, and how-to-use of your product.

They allow you to detail the characteristics of your product visually and describe its qualities. Using animated videos to do this will improve engagement and shareability.

Use Doratoon to Make Animation Videos to Increase E-Commerce Sales

We have looked at various ways to use animation videos to increase e-commerce sales. We also look at Doratoon as the best tool to make animation online free of charge.

You can visit the site to create an account and see the extensive features you can explore to make animation videos on the platform.

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