February 25, 2024

Your puppy’s paws have traveled many places, which is why you should take due care of them.

A frisky pup may have walked on dirty surfaces as much as speckless floors on a typical day. Walking on carpets, tiles, soil, snow, cemented places, wooden surfaces, grass, dirt, pee, and poop can be expected, so diligent care is absolutely essential.

Apart from paying attention to hygiene aspects, you should be wary of the impact of hard, sharp, poky, and rough surfaces on their tender paws and paw pads. Consider being equipped with pet insurance for dogs so that tackling accidental injuries and medical emergencies is much easier.

The best pet insurance covers a little pupper’s health for comprehensive health conditions with minor financial implications, which is why you must contemplate signing up for a policy. Meanwhile, read this article to learn helpful tips on puppy paw care.

#1 Hair growing on a puppy’s paws and between the pads can become tangled when not maintained regularly. The long matted hair can easily pick up dirt and debris, leading to infections and walking problems. Trimming the paw hair as and when it grows beyond comfortable length can help ensure your furry friend’s health and safety.

#2 There are many doggy care and lifestyle brands catering to paw care. Consider having some wet wipes handy so you can use them to clean off the grime on your puppy’s feet as it enters the home after an outing. You will be surprised to see how the dirt comes off, and your pet’s paws are now sparkling clean. 

#3 The click-clack sounds your puppy makes while walking can be due to overgrown nails. Although the noises can help you know whenever your pup is approaching, leaving them as they are might not be the best idea. So, take that doggy nail clipper and start working it on your furry baby’s long nails.

#4 It is essential to clean up the stuff stuck between your puppy’s toes to keep the paws neat and safe. Particulate matter, pebbles, little stones, and other debris can damage the paw pads, which is why they must be safely removed.

#5 Consider buying a pair of attractive yet safe boots for your pooch. Watching your furry precious walk around can be amusing and allows you the peace of mind that your pet’s feet are guarded against harsh environmental elements and things on the street.

#6 It is not uncommon for furry babies to deal with skin issues like dryness and cracks. An effective solution to this problem can be applying Vaseline, butter, balm, or puppy-safe moisturizer on your four-legged companion’s paws and paw pads.

#7 Make it a point to wash your furry baby’s tootsies with warm water once it returns home after playing in the snow. The warm water can help eliminate toxic chemicals and salts lodged between the toes and helps avoid sores, blisters, and infections.

Another convenient solution is to use a doormat at every entry and exit point and teach your pet to rub their paws on it before getting inside the home. Simultaneously, consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs so you can get your pet timely medical help should an accidental paw injury or unanticipated illnesses occur. 

The best pet insurance comprehensively covers a canine’s health, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

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